How to Flip the Switch-Reducing the Fear in the Air

Dear Brands,

Don't be surprised when it happens because it will happen if you let it.

This is the perfect time for many of your subscribers to get off your mailing list.

Here's the reason,

The current earth situation means anxiety is on the rise and you may have contributed to this.


By using the term CoV (abbreviated) or its image as your subject or key photo.

By sounding like a robot, throwing clinical terms here and there without consideration.

By bombarding your customers with BAD news about death rates, contact numbers.

By sharing fake videos cooked up by mischievous people, some of which have nothing to do with what is happening right now.

By saying one thing and doing another where your workers' welfare is concerned.

The good news (we need more of this right now) is you have the power to #fliptheswitch

Yes, you can keep your subscribers, get more signups and improve brand image while you are at it.

Here’s how:

Be human. Focus on the people involved and not the situation.

Share preventive measures using sharp and sweet copy. Here’s a cue from Nando’s:

Talk about passing a serious message without losing the brand essence.👌

Promote good vibes by sharing statistics of high survival rates.

Talk about and show what your brand is doing to make this season easier for internal customers (your workers) and external customers (us).

Guess what?

A brand made a game to push awareness and fun about the coronavirus situation.

Here’s what it looks like:

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons 👏👏👏.

You can also do short video challenges (using stakeholders and influencers) that focus on what can be done as opposed to how the world seems to be crumbling.

Giving out branded items like free sanitizer and handwash will go a long way to improve brand perception and goodwill.

If your brand caters to children or parents, share bonding tips on your platforms.

This too shall pass if we all play our part.

One more thing...

As many companies including yours wind down their operations to practise social distancing, this is the perfect time to suggest activities, health tips and alternative channels (based on what your brand does) that will help improve quality of life for everyone on your list.

Remember, a clear head is what we all need to have now, not a fearful heart.

Don’t forget to wash your hands, sanitize and self-isolate while at it.

Stay safe.

P.S. For stories and activities to keep you sane in this trying period, follow me on IG @flakey_phil

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